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We strictly follow the laws and rules initiated in the legislation of Republic of Bulgaria about reclamation of the purchased products we offer. Down here you will find a quote from the Defense of the customer’s act in the part regarding the right of a client of reclamation and in which cases is that possible. Please read the text so as to know your rights!

Defense of the customer’s act and trade regulations


Section IV

Right of reclamation


(1) The customer has every right of reclamation, regardless of the fact that the manufacturer has delivered a guarantee when:

        1.Any state of absence in noted 

        2.Any fault in the product is noted

        3.The size of the product does not fit the primary measurements

        4.There is any misfit with the trade mark

(2)Reclamation is to be claimed up to three workdays after purchasing the product if any state of absence or fault is noted.

(3)Reclamation is to be claimed no later than the final date from the guarantee whether such is given if any hidden defects on the product are found.


If a proclamation is claimed the customer can claim for:

        1.Retrieving the full amount of money that he/she had paid

        2.Replacing the false product with a new one

        3.Rebate from the price

        4.A free repair


(1)The trader is obliged to accept proclamation during his full working time in his commercial outlet, where the product was bought or on the address of his state except the guarantee document does not say otherwise.

(2) The transportation of any large- sized products for repair or exchange in the frames of the deadline of the guarantee as well as giving them back to the owner is to be paid by the trader. For the pursuance of rebate the goods can be transported or re-evaluate d on the spot on account on the trader.

(3) The deadlines for repairs is to be added to the guarantee deadline.


If there are any violations of the privity of the guarantee or a rejection of the proclamation the customer can make direct approach to the associations of the customers, the authorities for defense of the customers or to arbitration/conciliation committee or to lodge a claim in the court.


In conclusion, we would like to remind you that if you want to make a reclamation on any of our products,yet purchased you can contact us on 0888 94 01 01 / 0897 87 20 77 or to send us an e-mail on or by using the web form providing connection in the section "Contact Us" or by just clicking HERE.