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 The jewelry products are very well packed in a plastic bag with a zipper in which a solid plate is placed that keeps the product from bending and twisting during the transport. This plastic bag is tugged in another nicely decorated gift bag. And all that is sealed in an envelope whose inner wall is covered with air bubbles.

  For delivering orders outside the borders of our country we use the services of Bulgarian Posts Inc. We have chosen them, instead of the services of a courier because in that way the cost of a delivery is as cheap as possible while using a courier is far more expensive. When using the Bulgarian Post Inc. the parcel is shipped after being paid in advance but not in cash of course since the goal is reaching the minimum for shipment expenses. For a greater safety we sent the package via Bulgarian Post-signed for, since the items are marked with barcode can be tracked from the sender to the receiver.

  The deadline for delivering and shipping for around 95 % of the goods is 5 to 10 days for Europe and 10 to 15 days for any other point of the globe after confirming your order (please take under consideration weekends and holidays). Usually the goods are sent on the next workday after confirming the payment of the order. Some of the goods may have an extended period of delivery, which is specifically mentioned in the description of the product.

We do not want to lead astray any of our customers with an unrealistic delivery dates and to declare such that we cannot keep!

If for any reason the package is lost during transportation, I will personally check in the post office and if it is not found,I will make it and send it again on my account.

 In conclusion we would like to remind you that if you have any questions about the ways of shipment and delivery you can always contact us by sending us an e-mail on or by using the web form providing a way of communication in the section “Contact Us” or by just clicking HERE.

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